Fall’s Approach

Asters. Heralds of fall.

I was aware of fall’s approach, but hadn’t appreciated its wispy, damp presence rubbing up against the edge of my doorstep until reading posts by fellow Blogging101 participants, GaH and Tantoverde.

I had heard the geese on the move for the first time on August 8th, their distinctive trumpeting announcing their departure. I was aware of the changing sounds of the evening insects; crickets, grasshoppers katydids and the like. I saw the asters, harbingers of fall, blooming in my garden. It just hadn’t yet hit me that summer was over, until, as I said, I read these two blog posts.

More asters. Summer’s last hurrah!

Tantoverde’s post conjured images of copious amounts of apples and baking, baking with abandon, baking to keep up with the yield. It made me yearn for warm apple pie with a hot cup of tea.

Honey Crisps and Macs
Honey crisps and macs.

More visions of a bountiful apple harvest and abundant baking came to me with the reading of GaH’s post contrasting the lazy days of summer with the clues of  fall’s arrival.  GaH transitions between summer and fall with the phrase, “Then comes a storm, and when it ends, the air is cold, and won’t get warm again. And suddenly you realize that fall is here.”

Fall maples
Maple leaves beginning to turn color.

The day after I read this, the storm came as if on cue. Well, not exactly a storm, but a definitive rain which changed the quality and the smell of the air. Now, even when the sun is out and there is warmth, there is a damp crispness around the edges of the day like the juicy crispness you find when biting into a fresh fall apple.

After reading these two blog posts I just had to go out and buy apples. Not grocery store apples… orchard apples, newly plucked from a local tree.

Applewood Orchard
Apple orchard.

With the first bite, I  engage in being a locavore and it pays off. A perfect blend of sweet and tart, crisply yielding.

Apples awaiting harvest
Ready for harvest.

I’m ready now for fall, ready to enjoy the last few warm days that will tease us. Ready for the nights to cool more and more, plants tucking themselves into the ground for winter, trees shedding their excess in colorful glory.

Fall is a time of transition, a time to transition from outdoors to indoors. The tablecloth comes off the picnic table. Meals are eaten inside. The hammock gets stored. The gas grill will still be used, but not nearly as often. The raking will commence, hopefully to be finished before the first snow. The firewood gets stacked, the chimney cleaned, and the window screens are exchanged for storms.

Harriman State Park
Harriman State Park

I feel the transition beginning within myself as well, shifting my attention from external doings to a more inward view. Fall is a time to pause and reflect. To take stock. Some things end. Some become dormant, to rest and refresh. Nature turns inward and so do I. Fall brings clarity with bright color and light, a focusing introspection.

What meaning does fall hold for you?

This post was written as a response to the Blogging101 assignment, Be Inspired by the Community. All of the photos in this post, except for the last one, were taken a couple of days ago after reading GaH’s and Tantoverde’s blog posts. I would like to extend many thanks to them for the inspiration. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Fall’s Approach

  1. Ou, thank you very much! Pictures are beautiful and these apples… They look like perfect for a pie! 😉
    You know and here, in London, it’s not really the case that trees are getting all these colours – well they are still green, just the weather is in a bad mood 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome and thank You! I’ve been eating the apples uncooked and they are delicious, but I hope to do some baking, too!
      Here the colors change more each day. The nights continue to get cooler, but the days can be warm or cool. Do the leaves ever turn color in London?


      1. It’s my first autumn here and I hope the last – but they say that this year is unusually warm. So I actually have to work on a small artistic project and I need a lot of leaves for it. Not really able to gather them as for now 🙂


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