Nighttime in Assisi

I took both these photos of the Basilica of Saint Francis in the city of Assisi during a wonderful trip to Italy. Assisi is absolutely beautiful, and even though it’s inundated with tourists much of the time, it retains a peaceful atmosphere reminiscent of its patron saint. My husband and I were walking toward the Basilica that evening to attend a jazz concert and had the good fortune to meet this sunset and crescent moon.

IMG_1321 2crop 600x600wm

I edited this second photo aiming more for a pleasing image rather than a strict record-what-you-see photograph.

Basilica of St. Francis if Assisi

I almost never take night shots. I really need to learn more about the process instead of just experimenting and fiddling about. I could consult google, but if anyone can recommend a good tutorial, please leave a comment below 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nighttime in Assisi

    1. Giotto’s work in the cathedral is incredible. I hope you can see it some time. The colors, patterns and textures are fantastically rich… at least I think so!


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