Never fear shadows. They simply mean there’s a light shining somewhere nearby. ~Ruth E. Renkel

Harriman State Park, Harriman, NY

This post is  my response to the photo challenge Dreamy. It’s also my belated response to the Blogging 101 assignment Try a New Posting Style. I decided to pair one of my photos with a quote. This isn’t stretching myself much, but it’s all I could muster these past several days to catch up a bit.

I wish I could have gotten out this weekend to photograph the fall foliage, but I was occupied working in our little gallery. It was quite busy because of a fall festival which ran Saturday, Sunday and the holiday Monday. It might have also been nice to stroll around town and photograph the crowd.  The festival-goers and leaf-peepers were out, but sadly I was not.  With my eyes wandering out the window and my mind drifting to fall color and this weeks photo challenge, I remembered this dance of light and shadow that I captured a couple of years ago. It was a fantastically bright day, rich with contrast. Standing in the shadows of the forest looking into the light, the landscape seemed a bit surreal and dreamy.

… And since this is the second time I have responded to the weekly photo challenge, I think I’ll make it a habit thereby completing another Blogging 101 assignment, Create a New Regular Feature. 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

6 thoughts on “Dreamy

    1. LOL! No, it’s not exciting. I work in our very small family gallery/ showroom. It’s in our home, and our large pottery studio is next door. My oldest son and my husband are potters although my husband does more inspirational speaking these days than pottery making. I do photography and sometimes dabble in clay, or jewelry or origami… And I teach gentle Hatha yoga nearby… I’m kind of all over the place and hard to pin down :-p


      1. I think it is better to be all over the place than a deeply-rooted into the office-chair 🙂 I think it is very interesting, as you are a gallerist and a creator in one face. In the art world the stories how an artist went high and drunk before the show and was not able to provide any single work, so poor gallerist had to find a way out of this complicated situation are quite common 🙂

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