Photography 101: Home

Photography 101 has started and our first assignment is titled Home.

“What does home look like to you? Share this image in a new post.”

garden boots

These cement big boot planters, grace my front porch and greet me each time I return home.  Their whimsey always makes me smile, and the fact that they were made by a friend adds to my enjoyment. The marigolds, that had also been planted in them, died with the first frost a few days ago, but the alyssum is still growing and going strong.

When I first went out yesterday to take this photo there was an extremely bright streak of sunshine, juxtaposed with heavy shadows, falling across the planters. The light was being filtered through my neighbor’s large Norway spruce tree making the moment unsuitable for a picture. I waited a while for the sun to shift and took this shot a little later when the light was more even.

So there you have it, a little quintessential something that says home to me! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Photography 101: Home

  1. I love that planter and my mom would go crazy for something like that. She’s the one with the green thumb in the family as for me I have what’s called a brown thumb, nothing grows for me. Great picture!

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