Photography 101: Bliss

Bliss, is the prompt for day four of Photography 101. Having fallen behind (Day four was Thursday.), I find myself thinking more of balance, which somewhat eluded me this week.

I believe bliss begins with a state of inner balance, a state of equilibrium, contentment, a connection to spirit. Bliss is a feeling of happiness, or joy, or love, but at its core, the essence, the seed is balance. Without balance, without the right relationship between things, bliss is stifled and squelched.

So with that in mind I went out in the yard and photographed one of several stacks of stones which I have enjoyably balanced and rebalanced  over the years.

Blissfully balanced
One of several stacks of stones in my yard. I really enjoy the challenge of balancing them!

The woman in the background is a neighbor who was walking her dog. She caught me lying on the stone walkway framing this shot. When I explained what I was doing she laughed and said she did something similar in New York City. She wanted to accentuate the height of a skyscraper so she lay down on the sidewalk to frame the building from bottom to towering top. A group of Japanese tourists saw her and decided to follow suit, creating a crowd lying on the sidewalk, all with cameras in hand aiming upward. 🙂 This morning, I was the only supine person on my front lawn!

… But, in the afternoon, my dog was partaking in a blissful, leafy, lawn roll.

Sophie's Leafy Roll
Blissful, leafy , lawn roll!

Sophie has no trouble accessing a state of bliss 🙂

Happy Dog
Happy dog 🙂

I hope you all enjoy a bit of bliss this weekend!


I'd love to know your thoughts!

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