Photography 101: A Pop of Color

I couldn’t resist using this image for day eleven of Photography 101. The theme is A Pop of Color.

“Today, use one color to add life or drama to your shot.”

I took this photo before the theme was announced, but this pop of color is exactly what prompted me to pull the car over, get out, and take a photo this past Friday. When today’s theme was announced, I thought, “Perfect! Those leaves are YELLOW and I’m golden!” 🙂

Here are two versions of the same shot, one cropped more than the other. I think the second version features the yellow ginkgo leaves more prominently because it cuts some compositional clutter from the right of the photo. The first photo, however, showing more context, is more descriptive of Sugar Loaf, NY.

Which image do you prefer?
IMG_8715 2 candle shop ginko tree wm

IMG_8715 2 candle shop ginko tree crop wm

The Candle Shop, pictured above, has been a part of the Sugar Loaf community for over forty years. The hamlet is composed of a number of artists and craftspeople, galleries and shops, a few restaurants, firehouse, post office, an arts center and a performing arts center.

Our studio and small gallery/shop have been located in the hamlet for thirty-two years. I hesitate to put the link because I need to work on the website, but there you go. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Photography 101: A Pop of Color

  1. That “can’t exactly say why” thing is probably why I had such a hard time deciding whether to crop it square or not, so I posted both. 🙂 Thank you for your input!


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