Photography 101: Treasure

Day sixteen of photography 101 has come and gone. I’m a few days late with my response to the theme Treasure, but here it is.

When I die, someone will go through the stuff I leave behind and wonder why I have quantities of stones and shells, feathers and twigs, and other bits of this and that. Perhaps it was the shape, texture, color, or the memory attached to it, that prompted me to tuck each one in my pocket and bring it home. Some were gifts given by friends who understand my quirks, passing-on to me a shape or color they thought I would like. Some were given as a way to share a special journey, trip, or vacation. Each one is a treasure to me, but most likely meaningless to someone else.

I used the activity of taking this photo, processing it and now posting it as a way to take a break from cleaning my very messy home! Preparing for our yearly Thanksgiving feast and twenty-some guests has occupied most of my time this week and will occupy more. There’s still much to do…

So what am doing right now, this moment? I’m wondering… To crop or not to crop?

IMG_9185 2 pebbles printers tray crop wm
IMG_9185 2 pebbles printers tray wm

Upon viewing this on the computer screen, the right side of the photo seems superfluous to me, so I think the cropped version is better. What do you think? I’ll check back for your response when I feel the need to procrastinate a little bit more to avoid cleaning 😉

Happy Thanksgiving!

14 thoughts on “Photography 101: Treasure

  1. I love your bits and pieces. I particularly like the second shelf from the top on the right. Each one of those small stones looks like it’s a heart shape.
    … and the top left one – a study in golds – looks like it has a lopsided smiling face in the centre.
    … and I could go on and on 🙂

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  2. Thank you! 🙂 You must be a kindred spirit! You picked up on my clustering of the heart shaped stones. And there is a lopsided smiley face in the upper left corner. That is actually not a stone. It’s a lump of glazed and fired clay that my daughter scratched a drawing into when she was about four years old… a little bit, or piece with memories attached.


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