Photography 101: Glass

I took these two photos at two different times of day on Wednesday in response to the prompt for day seventeen of Photography 101: Glass. It was during this winter’s first snow.

Outside was a soft monochrome world,  dimly lit, the sky grey with snow, and the trees blanketed in white. Inside the room was shadowed, the sunlight never making it much past the window panes.

I was struck by the way the colored glass on the widow sill caught what little light there was, more so in the first photo than in the second, and how in both, the color of the glass separated itself from the rest of its surroundings.

IMG_9256 2 glass wm

The second shot was too dimly lit for my old G9 to handle. It’s grainy, but I didn’t want to turn on the flash and lose the muffled mood of the scene.

IMG_9245 4 glass wm

What about you? Would you have deleted the second photo?

4 thoughts on “Photography 101: Glass

  1. The first photo with the blue glass is very beautiful. I really like the contrast with the brown autumn leaves still clinging to the trees outside.

    The second one does have a very nice dreamy feel to it. The green of the tree outdoors blends well with the green bottle on the shelf. I wouldn’t have deleted this photo either. I would have cropped the top of the window though … maybe to the top of the tree outside to pull the eye down more. That’s just me though … I like the look 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for the feedback. I had a hard time finding the time for this promt and hope to revisit it in the future when it’ snot a busy holiday week!

      I felt the first photo was OK, nothing spectacular, but pleasant. I liked it for the same reasons that you said.

      What promted me to take the second photo was the sky that you would crop out, and in looking at it again, perhaps you are right. It might be better with the sky cropped out. It didn’t even occur to me to crop it out because I was attached to it being part of the shot. A small reminder of how attachments influence choices

      Thanks again for the constructive critique! 🙂


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