Photography 101: Double

The theme for day nineteen, Thanksgiving Day, of  Photography 101 was Double.

“Today, you and your camera are seeing double… Your twin sisters. Your neighbor’s two poodles. Your vision during a dizzy spell. Your doppelgänger. Double can be interpreted in many ways.”

What to do, what to do…? I thought about photographing the two turkeys I had cooked, but the logistics of doing that while serving over twenty people was daunting. Hmmm…

… There were a few of these left over after our Thanksgiving feast.


In setting this up I realized I could have used it for day seventeen’s theme Glass. I propped the blue glass bowl up on a water-glass, lit it from below as well as from above, and positioned the clementines. I love the combination of the complementary colors blue and orange, and am pretty pleased with the colorful reflective results.

Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!


8 thoughts on “Photography 101: Double

    1. Thank you! I loved the wavy reflections in the glass as well. It was interesting to see how they changed as I moved around to find the best spot to set up my tripod.


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