Photography 101: Synopsis

Photography 101 has come to a close. Perhaps I’ll revisit some of the themes, particularly the optional weekend themes I was unable to do during the event, but for now I’d like to simply post this gallery as a synopsis. All of the included photos were a direct response to the themes presented in Photography 101.

Thank you to everyone at WordPress and to all who participated with comments and likes. It was a great opportunity for growth and a very enjoyable four weeks!

7 thoughts on “Photography 101: Synopsis

  1. I love your work, the angles shots and your understanding of the themes.I am a new photographer, and would want to know which photo editing softwares do you use to edit your photos and what camera and lens do have you taken these photographs with?


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    1. Thank you so much! You’re encouragement means so much to me! I have a degree in art education from way back, never did teach, but haven’t been seriously doing photography all that long… so much to learn! Practice, practice, practice! I found photo101 really helpful to focus my effort!
      To edit, I use the free opensource program GIMP, . It’s kind of like Photoshop, but not as seamless, … and did I mention free and Opensource? 🙂
      I bought my camera in 2008. It’s a Canon G9. I think the latest model is the G14 or 15. At the time, I bought it I was told by my professional photographer friends that it was the thing to carry when you didn’t want to tote around an SLR. It has many manual settings, as well as automatic, and it can also do raw images. There are no lenses attached, but it does have some zoom capabilities. I’m embarrassed to say there are still features on it I haven’t explored. It has served me well over the years, but I am hoping to upgrade to something with more zoom potential eventually… And that’s it! Thanks again for your kind words!

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  2. Seeing this gallery highlighted for me how consistently well composed your photos are. It’s apparent that I hadn’t seen all your posts in this challenge because some of the photos were new to me … like ‘angular’ really jumped out.
    I really like your stuff!

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    1. Thank you so much! I enjoyed your posts as well. I think my favorite photo from photography 101 was Treasured. 🙂

      Just as you say you hadn’t seen all my posts during this challenge, I feel I missed many made by others as well. I hope to go back and poke around through the Photo101 tags in the WP Reader.

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