Writing 201: Journey … And Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

“On the menu today: Journeys, limericks, and alliteration.”

Winter White Woods. Warwick, NY.

Limericks are simply silly. Here’s my effort with alliteration included 🙂 …


Wandering through the winter white wood,

contemplating each would and each could,

I happened to spy

a signpost. Oh my!

It became clear which way I should.

This post is also a response to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge. Thank you Cee for the inspiration! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Writing 201: Journey … And Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

      1. You really must. He was English, and suffered from Manic Depression (now called Bipolar Disorder.) He was the funniest poet ever – immature and hilarious. Check this out http://www.brookes.ac.uk/poetry-centre/national-poetry-day/spike-milligan–have-a-nice-day/
        If you Google ‘the world’s funniest joke’ you will find the joke which is universally considered to be the funniest ever written. It was recently discovered that he wrote it.
        Errr….I get excited about Spike Milligan.

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      1. I am taking part in my own challenge at the moment trying to tame a field into a garden ha ha so not reading as much as much lately, love your photos and the poem also , will take part in one of those workshops soon , sometimes I use the writing prompts and surprise myself with what I come up , enjoy the course look forward to reading more of your blogs kind regards kathy.

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        1. Thank you! I just left a comment on your gardening post… Happy planting! That is a wonderful “challenge.”
          For now I’m content to tackle Writing 201 and enjoy the snow, but in the spring I’ll be very happy to see everything growing in the yard, and I’ll be looking to get my hands in the earth 🙂
          I hope I can keep up with the writing 201 assignments… We shall see…
          Thanks again for the encouragement!

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