Writing 201: Water

“Today, let’s write a poem about water. And/or a haiku. And/or use a simile.”


Water drops skew sight,

like clouds raining tears, smudging

silver eyeliner.



Softly, silk droplets

fall like sands through an hourglass,

like minutes filling

a river of liquid time,

rushing into the future.


This post is my first attempt participating in one of WordPress’s Writing Workshops, and part of my scary effort to become a better writer!

Perhaps I should have started with Writing 101, but here I am beginning with Writing 201: Poetry… Wish me luck!



7 thoughts on “Writing 201: Water

    1. Thank you! Maybe it’s beginners luck. I usually write random thoughts on scraps of paper in a poetic style, and then they are forgotten, unread. Participating in this workshop is a way for me to fight my fear of people reading what I write and a way to get me to sit down and write with something in mind. 🙂

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