Writing 201: Hero(ine)

“Grab your verse by both ends (or hands; your call), like a hero with extra big hair. Week 2 here we go!”

The poetry prompt is “hero” or “heroine.”
The form is “ballad.”
The device is “anaphora/epistrophe.”

Rather than writing about a “hero with extra big hair,” in response to today’s poetry prompt, I’ve chosen to write a ballad honoring the invisible hero within each of us that perseveres through life’s daily struggles.

I didn’t use anaphora, the repetition of words at the beginning of a line, but did use epistrophe by repeating the phrase “persevering every day” at the end of a few lines.

Unsung Heroes

Unsung heroes of every day

facing the

responsibilities of life


Mouths to feed

and bills to pay

warmth, shelter

love to provide


Such small players

in a big world game

persevering every day


Grace be given

fortitude, wisdom

persevering every day


Living life simply

dawn ’til night


Grabbing joy

where it’s found


Persevering every day


Click on the images to see them larger.


Pictures and writing
copyright, © Terry Boswell


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