Writing 201: Landscape

“Day 9. That can only mean one thing: let’s make a list. With a pair of scissors and a map.”

The poetry prompt for day nine of Writing 201 is “landscape.”
The form is “found poetry.”
The device is “enumeratio.”
(Click on the link above for the full assignment explanation.)

I chose to “find” my poetry in the pages of a local newspaper. It became quite a challenge to find words descriptive of landscape among the ads for used cars, retail sales and plumbing repair. Thank goodness there was one garden center ad and another for a local ski area!

All in all, this was another chance at a little silly fun with words in a visual way, as was the concrete poetry assignment of last week.

…and… I got to play with a glue stick, bits of paper, and an old paper bag. I’m easily amused!

(Click on an image to see it larger.)

Celebrating the last days of winter,
come out, the chill is still on!
Another awesome winter of the best snow play!
(Warmest thanks for the polar plunge.)
Yet winter’s grip loosens with upcoming spring.
Look, the snow starts again, but now slow.
It’s time, time to change,
begin anew,
Now is the time to plan for spring.
Earth’s renewal day!

Words and images by Terry Boswell
Copyright © 2015 Terry Boswell

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