Street Art: Photo Rehab #21

Street art, Lisbon, Portugal.
A building in Lisbon, Portugal, slated to be torn down is a temporary canvas for street art. 2014.

Posted in response to Lucille De Godoy’s Photo Rehab Prompt #21: Street Art.

Thank you Lucille for the prompt. I hope to respond to more!

8 thoughts on “Street Art: Photo Rehab #21

  1. Thank you, for joining the Photo Rehab. This photo is incredibly beautiful. I just read an article about street art in Lisbon. Next time I’m there I’ll look for it.
    By the way, there isn’t a prompt as you can bring whatever you like photographing. So please come back often. And thanks again for joining the fun.

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    1. Thank you! I thought there was a prompt! I’ll have to go back and read the directions again :-p
      There seemed to be quite a bit of street art in Lisbon. I got a handful of shots, but not as many as I would have liked. 😦

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      1. No worries! Do as you like. It’s a free rehab. You can use mine as a prompt or create your own.
        I missed street art opportunities in Lisbon, for sure. I’m going to Porto at the end of March. Have you also been there?

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        1. OK, I’ll do my best to participate! 🙂

          I might have been in Porto briefly, but I’m not sure. Much of the time I was in Portugal I didn’t have a clue where I was. I was there as a guest, not a tourist. I know I did visit Villa Real which is not far from Porto. I should go over my photos one by one with my friend that I was with, so she can tell me where we were!

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  2. It is great isn’t it! When I first started to photograph the building, I was on the other side of it and didn’t see the cat on the corner. When I walked further down the street, I saw the cat and knew it had to be included in the shot! 🙂


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