34 thoughts on “Melon And Yellow Bloom

    1. Thank you! The New York Botanical Gardens has all kinds of roses to photograph in an enormous rose garden. It’s nice to get there early in the day before the dew dries… As it does dry, there is the beautiful scent of roses in the air!

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      1. If I ever make it up that way again (I’m sure I will sometimes) I will have to check out the Botanical Gardens. I worked at a summer camp in New York a couple years ago, and only spent a couple days in the city. That’s my only NY experience so far. In any case, the gardens sound amazing.

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        1. The gardens are amazing, the conservatory is beautiful and the special exhibits exquisite! It’s kind of funny that I periodically drive from the countryside into the city to look at flowers! 🙂 If you make it to the NYC area and you like flowers, be sure to stop in the Bronx and visit the NYBG. The Bronx Zoo is just about across the street which is pretty incredible too. My favorite are the giraffes 🙂

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