Summer Day on the Wallkill River

 paddle dips serene

 rippling summer stillness, drifts

 bright lush liquid light

 clear reflecting emerald

 mirror joyful soul's delight
 ɯᴉɹɹoɹ ɾoʎɟnl sonl,s pǝlᴉƃɥʇ

copyright ©2015 Terry Boswell

This post is my response to Jennifer Nichole Well’s One Word Photo Challenge: Summer.

Equating summer with the color green, when I saw this photo challenge I immediately thought of a day my husband and I spent kayaking on the Wallkill River earlier this year in July. It wasn’t a blue-sky-sunny day, but the light was such that much of the foliage glowed an amazing green in contrast to the dark water.

Although there is a slow current, the surface of the river was often still and reflective, its mirror-like quality surreal. In certain places it seemed as if we were gliding through glass which rippled to liquid with each stroke of the paddle.


(In case you’re wondering, I used to flip the last line of my tanka above.)

15 thoughts on “Summer Day on the Wallkill River

    1. Thank you… Although it’s been unseasonably warm the past few days, most of the trees have dropped their leaves and we’ve already had more than one hard frost. There won’t be much more balmy weather this year.


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