Buildings And Trees

Block Island, RI
Cape May, NJ
Warwick, NY


This is my response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Buildings and Trees.

8 thoughts on “Buildings And Trees

    1. Thank you! I took the Block Island photo a couple of years ago and had forgotten about it. I came across it in my computer while searching for photos to fit the building and trees theme. ((I really need to find a way to organize and label the multitude of photos I’ve taken during the past two years.) I already had decided to use the other evening shot taken a couple of months ago, so when I found the Block Island photo, I was pleased. The Cape May shot was taken in September and the others were from my blog media archives.

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  1. Thank you and you’re welcome! This is the first time I have posted the first three photos. The others were pulled from my blog media archives because they worked well for your challenge 🙂


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