Oops… maybe I shouldn’t have revved up the new puppy…

Yes, I mean him.

Who, me?


This was the scene.
DSC05997-2cp-dogs-playing-its-all-a-blur-wmFast action.DSC06007-2cp-dog-leaping-all-a-blur-wmAll ablur.
DSC06003-2cp-playing dogs-blur-of-motion-wmOops!
Why wasn’t I paying more attention to my camera settings?!

DSC06013-2cp-playing-dogs-all-a-blur-wmFirst, I didn’t anticipate that Sophie and Hudson would continually move at lightning speed. Second, I was more involved with enjoying their antics (and keeping some control) than I was with capturing clarity… And third, I just don’t think super fast with my camera.

Choosing how to adjust my camera’s settings does not come to me as easily as breathing… or walking and chewing gum at the same time… or patting my head while rubbing my stomach. I have to think about camera settings. During the upcoming winter months I intend to become more technically proficient with the Sony a6000 that I bought earlier this year. I’m hoping to be able to think, adjust, point, and shoot with accuracy and aplomb, on the fly, by spring!

Back to Sophie…

I need a break!


Well maybe just a little more fun…


OK. Enough. 🙂


Hudson is the new rescue dog in our house. We adopted him after losing our furry-love, Archie, a few weeks before Thanksgiving. A beloved pet can’t be replaced, but all the love that still remains can be channeled into giving another shelter dog a home.

… So, we now have a lively, yet extremely cuddly, year old (year-and-a-half-old?) Puggle puppy romping and running about, keeping the older dogs on their toes.

There are quiet moments, too.



This is my response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops!

… Giving a shelter dog a good home is the opposite of oops!  Click here, petfinder.com, to find a local shelter and a four-legged-furry to love. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Oops!

    1. Thank you! I did capture the motion, but at first I was disappointed that it was so much motion. Then after putting the post together it seemed like all that motion was right for my silly little narrative. I’m glad now that I didn’t send all those photos to the trash bin which was my first impulse when loading them into the computer. If I had loaded the photos into the computer before I was aware of the Oops photo challenge, I probably would have just hit delete. Instead I thought, here’s my Oops, my blurry pictures… and then the doggie action story emerged 🙂 … and then I added the not-blurry shots. That last one is sweet ❤ … Glad you like it!


    1. Thank you! I just comment to Tina Schnell, above your comment, that I came to feel better about the blur through the narrative of this goofy post. I’ll let you scroll up to read it instead of repeating it.

      I love Sophie’s crazy eyes in that one photo too. She was so pooped, panting with her tongue hanging out… but then she started up again!

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    1. Yes, enjoying the moment is so important! Thank you for validating that! And I think adopting a shelter / rescue dog is the way to go! All but one of my cats came from friends as kittens, but the one that wasn’t was rescued from a dumpster by my daughter-in-law. The dogs that I’ve had as an adult were all rescue / shelter dogs except for one. He was a puppy mill / pet shop dog that would have ended up in a shelter if I hadn’t adopted him.
      My Sophie came from a kill shelter, where she would have been euthanized, Hudson from a humane society that had pulled him out of a home where he was starved and confined to a crate continually, and Brownie from a home overrun with dogs where he couldn’t get near a food bowl and was also starving. They are very happy pups now 🙂

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  1. Dogs have such big hearts and love us forever and forever so I quite enjoyed your photos as well as the storyline. We only have one dog at present but my son is itching to get another one aka after reading your post now may be the time. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed my photos and silly storyline! I really do enjoy all the four-legged-furries in my life. If you do decide to get another dog, consider one from a shelter. Sometimes the chosen dog is as good as gold, but sometimes you need to do some patient work with them to overcome bad habits that previous owners created. I have had both experiences and either way it’s worth it! Choose the dog that is within your capability to work with that speaks to your heart! 🙂

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        1. Maybe you could find a nice medium size dog. My Sophie is tall for her weight, a lean 40 pounder. I can just about touch the top of her head when she stands next to me. Good luck with your search! I’m sure you’ll find the perfect pooch:-)

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