Water Lilies

It’s completely impossible for me to photograph water lilies, or even to look at them, without thinking of Claude Monet’s incredible paintings.

Because my nearsighted eyes, when unaided by glasses, see the world very much the way Monet painted it, I can’t help but assume that his failing eyesight influenced his work.

Alas, I may have Claude’s “vision,” but not his ability to paint!

This is my response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo challenge: Life Imitates Art. I took the photographs above at Harriman State Park in Harriman, NY and at the MOMA Museum in New York City.


7 thoughts on “Water Lilies

    1. I can’t see clearly past about 12 inches. Sans corrective lenses, the world is one big Monet canvas to me! Clusters of lights are particularly beautiful without glasses.


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