Rough, Rocky, Snowless Shore

    snowless shore
               bereft of winter's blanket 
    and naked 
         awaits the raiment of spring

copyright ©2016 Terry Boswell

This year on February 4th, there was no snow at Sherwood Island State Park in Connecticut on the shore of the Long Island Sound.

DSC07741-3-sherwood-state-park-connecticut-wmIt was a beautiful day, but I missed the snow.

Last year on February 4th, it looked like this…
Gell, sea, sand, snow DSC03746-2-snowshoe-trail-3x2cp-terry-boswell-wm

As far as the seasons go, I prefer mine, well… seasonal. It’s been a disappointing winter for snow in the northeast. Although there were several days of bitter cold, for the most part it’s been unusually warm with some flooding rain and thunder. We had only one really good heavy snowfall. There was barely a day suitable for sledding, snowshoeing, or skiing.

The snow drops, always early to flower and usually accompanied by snow, are blossoming without a blanket of white.  Already now for a few weeks, my garden has looked like this…


… And I guess that’s what will eventually sooth my disappointment with this year’s winter season. When the bare, gray, and muddy browns give way to an abundance of lush, green growth and blooms, I’ll forget my lack of winter white and immerse myself joyfully in the color of spring.


This post is my belated response to The Daily Post weekly Photo challenge: Seasons, and to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things That Are Rough.

6 thoughts on “Rough, Rocky, Snowless Shore

  1. Such beautiful photos, Terry! The snow drops are gorgeous! We’ve had daffodils since early February and 70+ degree days for most of February. So much for El Nino hitting the West Coast, although we expect several days of rain next week.

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    1. Thank you! We’ve had fluctuating temperatures the past several weeks … as high as 60° and as low as 3°! I think the chances for any real snow this winter are gone. We had a thin dusting last night, but it melted as soon as the sun was up. I guess I should turn my eye and attitude toward spring! It won’t be long before my daffodils will be up, too… You say yours were up in February… Is that typical or early where you live?

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