New Beginnings


like inhalation and exhalation
is the inflow and outflow of sea to land
blessed with light as a new day rises

another breath, and another, and another
a continuum, yet a new moment each
each a gift, each a fresh possibility

copyright ©2016 Terry Boswell

DSC02355-2-3x2-sunrise-cape-may-nj-terry-boswell-wm DSC02396-2-4x3-sunrise-photographer-cape-may-nj-terry-boswell-wmDSC02443-2-3x2-cape-may-sunrise-fisherman-nj-terry-boswell-wmSunrise Cape May, NJ. September 2015.

This post is in response to three photo challenges…
Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things That Are WetThe Daily Post Weekly Photo challenge: State of Mind and The Daily Post Weekly Photo challenge: Harmony.

You can click on the links above to see more responses from others or to participate.

26 thoughts on “New Beginnings

    1. Thank you Jane. It was a positive sight to see. I’m glad I made the effort to get up super early that morning, which I don’t normally do, to seek out the sunrise. It really brought home that with each day is the possibility of a fresh start.


    1. Thank you Janet! I’m glad I made the effort to get myself out for a sunrise photo shoot 🙂 Although the beach in Cape May might be considered small, it is beautiful. The development near the beach is minimal and the Victorian feel of the town has been preserved. We head there every now and again to spend a few days since it’s only a few hours drive from our home. I hope you get the opportunity to visit there again!


    1. Thank you! I caught a lucky break being late with the State of Mind challenge and having my post coincide with the other two… Which worked out well since time is tighter than usual this week 🙂

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