No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

miles of gray ribbon
connect me to far away
same sky overhead

copyright ©2016 Terry Boswell


“And remember, no matter where you go, there you are.”

This quote, which I believe can be attributed to Confucius, is the first of three which I’ll be posting in response to the Three Quotes ChallengeGabriele, who authors  Flights of Fancy, invited me to participate in this challenge. I’m very happy to finally be responding, if perhaps not exactly by “the rules.”

Gabriele, a fellow dog lover, was one of the very first people who I “met” when I began blogging on WordPress in September of 2014. She has regularly encouraged my photography and writing efforts with likes and comments. She even noticed when I hadn’t had the time to blog for several months and sent me a lovely “hope-you’re-O.K.” note during my absence. I was so touched that someone had missed me! Thank you Gabriele for that gesture! You probably don’t realize, but it meant a lot to me and I’m most grateful!

Please check out Gabriele’s conversational blog, Flights of Fancy, which features her science fiction and fantasy writing.

Thank you Gabriele for thinking of me for the Three Quotes Challenge!  🙂


This post is also my response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Freeways, Expressways, Highways. Thank you, Cee, for the challenge!

16 thoughts on “No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

    1. It fits me too 🙂 When I looked up its origin I expected it to be with Yogi Berra. Instead I found Confucius. Yogi Berra did however say this… “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” … Which is sort of the opposite, but still philosophical, humorous, and corny! Maybe I’ll use that for my second quote 😉

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    1. It does look pretty endless! Your comment piqued my interest so I consulted Wikipedia… In NY Route 17 is 397 miles long and runs from Mina, NY to Suffern, NY. From Suffern it stretches about another 27 miles to North Arlington, NJ… so, speaking visually, it’s endless 😉

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    2. It does look endless! Your comment piqued my interest so I consulted Wikipedia… Route 17 is about 425 miles long stretching from Mina, NY through Suffern, NY, and then down into North Arlington, NJ… so, physically, not endless, but visually, definitely endless 😉

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        1. Maybe we are neighbors 🙂 This is exit 128 between Monroe and Chester, NY. I took the photo from up on an overpass specifically for Cee’s challenge. I had driven all around NJ earlier in the day and had my camera with me. I had thought I would photograph the Garden Sate Parkway while I was out, but ended up taking this shot closer to home when the sky looked interesting 🙂

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          1. Too funny… I find myself in Bergen County quite often. Today I’ll be in Ridgewood making a delivery for my husband’s business. I’ll probablly stop in some of the stores along 17 on the way home… One of the dogs ate my sneakers so I need a new pair!


  1. What a great idea, to combine the quote with a poem and a picture. I think we met on Blogging 101, you were one of the first people in the WP world I connected to. There is no escape… 😉

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    1. Thank you! We’ll see what I come up with for the other two. Like you, I’m short on time, so I will probably break the “rules” by taking longer than three days to complete the challenge and be a little lax with nominating three people with every post… but better to have some fun and participate a bit than to decline all together!
      I think you’re right that we connected during Blogging 101. With some trepidation I jumped right into that only several days after starting my blog. I’m very happy I did! And yes, there’s no escape 🙂 It’s interesting how so many have jumped into this WordPress blogging community and then currents of likemindedness draw us further together from all corners of the earth! It’s a pleasure 🙂

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