Rough, Rocky, Snowless Shore

    snowless shore
               bereft of winter's blanket 
    and naked 
         awaits the raiment of spring

copyright ©2016 Terry Boswell

This year on February 4th, there was no snow at Sherwood Island State Park in Connecticut on the shore of the Long Island Sound.

DSC07741-3-sherwood-state-park-connecticut-wmIt was a beautiful day, but I missed the snow.

Last year on February 4th, it looked like this… Continue reading

Hoping Heart


you can see right through
a heart so open hoping

unreserved giver

filled with transparent desire

to empty of all save love

Copyright ©2016 Terry Boswell


Last week I had to travel into New Jersey. After driving for a few hours, I stopped to get out of the car and stretch my legs. I was surprised and delighted to find this magnificent heart-shaped tree trunk as I wandered a bit into the Watchung Reservation. Such a find! I’m posting it, along with a tanka that I hastily wrote, in honor of Valentine’s Day.

I hope you enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!



Snowflakes And Feathers

little bird shivers
crystal falls on beak and down
feathers fluff to warm
surrounded by frosty white
weathering strong winter's storm


I took the photo above from my kitchen window on one of the few days that we had snow this year. So far it’s been a disappointing winter for scenic snowfall. What little we’ve had here in Orange County, New York has not lasted for more than a few days.

Last year was another story. We had several really gorgeous snows. There was one day in particular when the activity at my bird feeders was absolutely spectacular. Throughout the day, a variety of eight or nine different types of birds swooped around the feeders. They were joined by squirrels, chickens, and even dear, all snacking on sunflower seeds in the falling snow.

I took the photo below on that day. Visit my post,  A Day Of Memorable Moments to see the rest of the lively, colorful, flurry of activity by clicking here. Seeing those photos and remembering that delightful day still makes me smile! 🙂

Black capped chickadee.
Black capped chickadee. March 2015.

This post is my response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things That Are Cold.

Time Passing

Rivington Street and Ludlow Street, New York City. January 2016.

A series of consecutive nows


colored by experience and point of view

culminate in expression

A Lifetime


copyright ©2016 Terry Boswell


Seven photo-frozen moments captured on the corner of Rivington and Ludlow, New York City. January 16, 2016. Click an image to view it larger.

This is my response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Time.

Vibrant Growth, Fragile Hope

deep destructive ash                                  d
    lava frozen thick for miles                      r
        what was, is no more                        a
           still hope, though buried, remains       w
                             Vibrant life pushes   up

copyright ©2016 Terry Boswell
A castor oil plant triumphs, vibrant with life and color, growing through volcanic ash near Pico Do Fogo, Cape Verde despite massive destruction a few months before. Photo: May 2015.
Rebuilding after Pico Do Fogo’s eruption that lasted from November 23, 2014 until February 7, 2015. Photo: May 2015.

To view another post about the volcano on the island of Fogo, Cape Verde, click here.


This is my response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant, and Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pink or Magenta Flowers.

From Under Armor

leathery dots of color            
                     .          e  from muddy water 
                     .         g
                     .        r
                     .       e
                     .     m
                     .  e

s t r e t c h i n g   h e a d   and   l i m b
                                         out from under armor, 


                    .             g  for the sun
                    .            n
                    .           i
                    .          h     
                    .        c     
                    .      a 
                    .    e
                    .  r 

copyright ©2015 Terry Boswell

This is my response to Jennifer Nichole Wells’s One Word Photo Challenge: Armadillo. I have no photos of armadillos so I’m featuring another armored creature native to my part of the world. The Wallkill River is frequently dotted with these colorful painted turtles stretching their heads and limbs out of their shells to sun themselves.

I took these photographs earlier this year on a day when the river was reflecting the surrounding landscape beautifully. To see more photos from that afternoon, click here.

To see another turtle shot, click here. And to see another photo from another day on the Wallkill River, click here.

Wood And Metal Spanning Space And Time

lonely hound traveling
long retired tracks
soft paws and toenails echo 

copyright ©2015 Terry Boswell

wood and metal
softly fade 
into distance 
and receding light
enveloped soon in darkness

copyright ©2015 Terry Boswell

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This is my response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Metal and Wood.

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