Tug O’ War

2 beagle mixes + 1 tug toy = puppy fun!

I couldn’t resist posting a second response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pets. 🙂

… and with this post, I’m premiering my first attempts using Lightroom

While post-processing these three photos I was really impressed with the noise reduction capabilities of Lightroom. I’m still finishing up my photos, adding my watermark and applying unsharp mask, with GIMP, but hope to begin learning Photoshop soon. Although I have been happy with GIMP, I think it’s time to go mainstream.

There is definitely a learning curve that I’m struggling with. Just getting the settings right to import photos into Lightroom so that they would be organized and named properly has been a challenge.

If anyone has any invaluable Lightroom or Photoshop hints or other favorite post-processing apps/programs to recommend, please comment below!


Oops… maybe I shouldn’t have revved up the new puppy…

Yes, I mean him.

Who, me?


This was the scene.
DSC05997-2cp-dogs-playing-its-all-a-blur-wmFast action.DSC06007-2cp-dog-leaping-all-a-blur-wmAll ablur.
DSC06003-2cp-playing dogs-blur-of-motion-wmOops!
Why wasn’t I paying more attention to my camera settings?!

DSC06013-2cp-playing-dogs-all-a-blur-wmFirst, I didn’t anticipate that Sophie and Hudson would continually move at lightning speed. Second, I was more involved with enjoying their antics (and keeping some control) than I was with capturing clarity… And third, I just don’t think super fast with my camera.

Choosing how to adjust my camera’s settings does not come to me as easily as breathing… or walking and chewing gum at the same time… or patting my head while rubbing my stomach. I have to think about camera settings. During the upcoming winter months I intend to become more technically proficient with the Sony a6000 that I bought earlier this year. I’m hoping to be able to think, adjust, point, and shoot with accuracy and aplomb, on the fly, by spring!

Back to Sophie…

I need a break!


Well maybe just a little more fun…


OK. Enough. 🙂


Hudson is the new rescue dog in our house. We adopted him after losing our furry-love, Archie, a few weeks before Thanksgiving. A beloved pet can’t be replaced, but all the love that still remains can be channeled into giving another shelter dog a home.

… So, we now have a lively, yet extremely cuddly, year old (year-and-a-half-old?) Puggle puppy romping and running about, keeping the older dogs on their toes.

There are quiet moments, too.



This is my response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops!

… Giving a shelter dog a good home is the opposite of oops!  Click here, petfinder.com, to find a local shelter and a four-legged-furry to love. 🙂

From Under Armor

leathery dots of color            
                     .          e  from muddy water 
                     .         g
                     .        r
                     .       e
                     .     m
                     .  e

s t r e t c h i n g   h e a d   and   l i m b
                                         out from under armor, 


                    .             g  for the sun
                    .            n
                    .           i
                    .          h     
                    .        c     
                    .      a 
                    .    e
                    .  r 

copyright ©2015 Terry Boswell

This is my response to Jennifer Nichole Wells’s One Word Photo Challenge: Armadillo. I have no photos of armadillos so I’m featuring another armored creature native to my part of the world. The Wallkill River is frequently dotted with these colorful painted turtles stretching their heads and limbs out of their shells to sun themselves.

I took these photographs earlier this year on a day when the river was reflecting the surrounding landscape beautifully. To see more photos from that afternoon, click here.

To see another turtle shot, click here. And to see another photo from another day on the Wallkill River, click here.