Through A Blue Glass Bottle

This is my response to the Photography 101 prompt, “glass.”

I started with four bottles on my kitchen windowsill. I noticed that I could see the trees in my yard through the bottle on the right.

I took these photographs from inside my home looking outside into the light with the camera lens pointed through the blue glass bottle.

One Word Photo challenge: Ultramarine

This photo is my response to the One Word Photo challenge: Ultramarine, taken while visiting New york City a few weeks ago.

For a daily, weekly or annual fee, you can pick up one of these distinctively blue Citibikes, ride it, return it to the same location, or drop it off at yet another Citibike station. The bikes are shared all year, twenty-four hours a day, from numerous locations throughout the city.

DSC00062 2 citibike 4x2cp terry_boswell wm

I myself have yet to ride one. I doubt my nerves could handle navigating New York City traffic while mounted on a bike. I’m decidedly less than the best at cycling and prefer to propel myself through traffic with the solid shell of a four wheeled vehicle around me or to pick my way through it with the predictable control of my own two feet. Unlike when on a bike, I don’t totter or weave when I walk or drive!

Perhaps one day I’ll seek out a Citibike station near a bike path (no cars allowed 🙂 ) along the Hudson River or through Central Park and give it a go, but for now I’ll skip the Manhattan bike experience!

Thank you Jennifer for this One Word Photo Challenge!