No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

miles of gray ribbon
connect me to far away
same sky overhead

copyright ©2016 Terry Boswell


“And remember, no matter where you go, there you are.”

This quote, which I believe can be attributed to Confucius, is the first of three which I’ll be posting in response to the Three Quotes ChallengeGabriele, who authors  Flights of Fancy, invited me to participate in this challenge. I’m very happy to finally be responding, if perhaps not exactly by “the rules.”

Gabriele, a fellow dog lover, was one of the very first people who I “met” when I began blogging on WordPress in September of 2014. She has regularly encouraged my photography and writing efforts with likes and comments. She even noticed when I hadn’t had the time to blog for several months and sent me a lovely “hope-you’re-O.K.” note during my absence. I was so touched that someone had missed me! Thank you Gabriele for that gesture! You probably don’t realize, but it meant a lot to me and I’m most grateful!

Please check out Gabriele’s conversational blog, Flights of Fancy, which features her science fiction and fantasy writing.

Thank you Gabriele for thinking of me for the Three Quotes Challenge!  🙂


This post is also my response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Freeways, Expressways, Highways. Thank you, Cee, for the challenge!

Big And Bigger

It’s all relative…

Two photos, two poems, one oak tree…

Sledding with delight
down a snowy hill,
small girl pauses
under the spread
of a giant

Copyright © 2015 Terry Boswell

Snow tube sledding under the big tree.

Vast fluff clouds drawn
in infinite blue,
like a five-year-old’s
crayola sun radiating,
massively framing
humbled hills and oak.

Copyright © 2015 Terry Boswell

Big winter sky, small tree.

This post is in response to the Photography 101 prompts, “Big.” and “The Natural World.”

Both photos address the theme of scale and bigness.

The second photo also addresses the theme, “The Natural World.” I chose it for this theme because of its panoramic feel and directional elements. I think the tracks in the snow cup the large cloud above, completing the circle that’s created by the smaller clouds radiating outward.

It was serendipitous that these two themes followed each other and I happened to be a little late responding to the first! 🙂

Writing 201: Trust

“Day 3 is here — and so are questions of trust, acrostics, and internal rhymes.”

The poetry prompt for day three of Writing 201 is “Trust.”

The form is “Acrostic.”

The device is “Internal Rhyme.”

Dark winter sky with light.
Knapps View, Chester, NY, 2015.


trusting day will follow night

right when things are darkest,

under any circumstances, no matter fear or plight,

sight seeking optimism, spirit

turned toward ever-present light.


When I wrote this poem I did, of course, purposely begin each line so that the first letters of each would vertically spell the word “trust,” but I hadn’t intended for each line to end with a “t.” I noticed this after I had finished writing. It somehow seems fitting that a poem about trust evolved with such consistency since trust is elicited by consistency.


As an aside… I used the code below, in the text editor of my post, to make the first letters of each line larger and bold…

<span style=”font-size: X-LARGE; line-height: 1.4;”><strong>my letter choice</strong></span>the rest of my text.

To make the last letter of each line bold, I simply highlighted the letter and used the bold option in the visual editor.

Photography 101: Landscape

Landscape is the theme for day fifteen of Photography 101.

“Today, snap a picture of a landscape. Focus on the gestalt — the entire setting as a whole… rather than a specific subject or focal point within the scene. The setting itself is the star.”

Yesterday the clouds were looking pretty cool, so I headed down the railroad tracks to get a couple of shots for the day’s theme.

This first photo was the view north. When I got just past the evergreen in the center of the photo, I turned to my right and snapped the second photo.
Looking north along the tracks.


This was the view to the east of the tracks.
The view from the tracks looking east.

I had been up on the hill, past the white silo pictured above, a couple of weeks ago, and had taken my next photo then.  Continue reading