Remembering Archie

Brown, barking, bundle of fur
wiggled your way into my heart.
Spinning, whirling, four paws off the ground
greet me, feed me, it's breakfast time.
Butt up, front paws slap down,
goofy tail wagging in the air.
Sit, stay,
drool, eat.
Joy to repeat and eat and eat.

Couch potato curled, then sprawled long
sleeping, dreaming, a twitch and a snore.
Soaking up sunshine, dirt baths galore,
rolling and wriggling, then repeat
Sit, stay,
drool, eat.
Feed me, it's dinner time.

Walking together without leash or command,
trotting along by my side.
My steadfast friend, though a terror to some,
having past terror to be overcome.

Softest ears,
beautiful eyes,
panting doggie grin

suddenly gone.

An empty space left on the sofa,
a hole left in my heart.

copyright ©2015 Terry boswell

It never fails to amaze me how attached I become to the four-legged-furry-loves in my life.