A Pair Of Pears Quadrupled

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This is my response to the Photography 101 prompt, “double.” All of the photos were taken using natural light except for one. I’m sure you can tell which one!

Many Thanks! … Plus a 2014 Photo Review

On this last day of 2014, I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone in the WordPress blogging community who has taken the time to peruse my blog, like, and comment. I’m still truly amazed by the response I have gotten! Several of you have graciously nominated me for awards for which I’ll make the time to accept sometime after the New Year. Thank you again!

I began my blogging journey only a few months ago in September not really knowing where it would take me. I seem to be leaning toward having a photo blog, but who knows where 2015 will lead… perhaps I’ll get brave and add more text to my image posts!

I’ll make a toast this New Years Eve to a happy blogging future with you all!

Happy New Year! ~Terry

Here’s a gallery of some of the images I’ve posted since September…

To see a synopsis of my photos from November’s Photography 101 click here.

Photography 101: Synopsis

Photography 101 has come to a close. Perhaps I’ll revisit some of the themes, particularly the optional weekend themes I was unable to do during the event, but for now I’d like to simply post this gallery as a synopsis. All of the included photos were a direct response to the themes presented in Photography 101.

Thank you to everyone at WordPress and to all who participated with comments and likes. It was a great opportunity for growth and a very enjoyable four weeks!

Photography 101: Triumph

Friday was day twenty, of Photography 101. The theme, Triumph.

“Today, let’s bump up the contrast for a bold take on triumph… Tip: Triumph usually denotes drama of some sort, no matter whether it’s big or small. Playing with contrast is a great way to enhance your photos for a more dramatic effect.”

triumphant first snow

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?”  ~J. B. Priestley

I took this photo on Wednesday after the first snowfall of this year. It came immediately to mind for Friday’s theme. I remembered being blinded by a blanket of white with a skeleton of dark branches and hills protruding from it while framing my shots. Nature was triumphant in her presentation of contrast!

This was the last theme for Photography 101. I have enjoyed it immensely and feel I have grown as, I hesitate to say it, a photographer. The commitment to take and edit photos every day created the paradigm of practice, and the daily prompts, tips and comments from fellow participants and presenters were all helpful.

I’m hoping to post a  gallery of images in the next day or two as a synopsis of my participation in Photography 101.  At some point, I would also like to revisit and complete the optional weekend assignments which I was unable to do during the event.

Sending out a big thank you to all involved and looking forward to seeing everyone’s future photos!


Photography 101: Double

The theme for day nineteen, Thanksgiving Day, of  Photography 101 was Double.

“Today, you and your camera are seeing double… Your twin sisters. Your neighbor’s two poodles. Your vision during a dizzy spell. Your doppelgänger. Double can be interpreted in many ways.”

What to do, what to do…? I thought about photographing the two turkeys I had cooked, but the logistics of doing that while serving over twenty people was daunting. Hmmm…

… There were a few of these left over after our Thanksgiving feast.


In setting this up I realized I could have used it for day seventeen’s theme Glass. I propped the blue glass bowl up on a water-glass, lit it from below as well as from above, and positioned the clementines. I love the combination of the complementary colors blue and orange, and am pretty pleased with the colorful reflective results.

Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!


Pup on the Roof … or Photography 101: Edge

I was delighted to get this shot! I had finished photographing the Old School Baptist Church for the theme Landmark, and had turned to walk back to my car. There In the misty grayness of the day, across the street, I spotted this little guy. Pup on the roof! 🙂
IMG-8639-2-pup-on-a-roof-wm I decided to use this as my response to the prompt for day eighteen of Photography 101, Edge.

“Today is all about straight edges, and tweaking your image to ensure your lines are perfectly positioned… show us an edge — a straight line, a narrow ridge, a precipice.”

The photo is full of lines and edges. I chose to straighten it to the underside of the porch roof.

… And just because I can’t help myself, I’m including this… James Taylor singing Up on the Roof. 🙂

Photography 101: Landscape

Landscape is the theme for day fifteen of Photography 101.

“Today, snap a picture of a landscape. Focus on the gestalt — the entire setting as a whole… rather than a specific subject or focal point within the scene. The setting itself is the star.”

Yesterday the clouds were looking pretty cool, so I headed down the railroad tracks to get a couple of shots for the day’s theme.

This first photo was the view north. When I got just past the evergreen in the center of the photo, I turned to my right and snapped the second photo.
Looking north along the tracks.


This was the view to the east of the tracks.
The view from the tracks looking east.

I had been up on the hill, past the white silo pictured above, a couple of weeks ago, and had taken my next photo then.  Continue reading

Photography 101: Swarm

Milkweed silk and seed

I wasn’t sure what to do for day fourteen of Photography 101. The theme is Swarm.

“It’s a swarm! Show us something that overruns your scene, but observe and compose carefully before you click the shutter.

Swarm: to fly off together in a group, as bees; to move about in great numbers, as things or persons.”

It’s November and there’s not much swarming here in the north-east US. It’s too cold for bees or ants. The geese have gone. We were overrun by fallen leaves, but now those have been cleared from the yard. My husband used a leaf blower to gather them. That would have been a nice scene to photograph, a swarm of leaves in flight, but day fourteen’s theme had not yet been announced. The leaves are now in a pile. They’ve lost their individuality and sit wet and dank, more like a lump than a swarm.

I guess I could have headed for the train station, the commuter park and ride, or the highway to photograph swarms of people or cars, but I opted for the following instead.   Continue reading

Photography 101: Solitude

Solitude is the theme for day five of Photography 101. We are to, “Capture a snapshot that conveys the state of being alone… apply the tried-and-true Rule of Thirds…” 

With regard to solitude, Audrey Hepburn said…

“I have to be alone very often. I’d be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That’s how I refuel.”

I must say, I agree! It was a pleasure to go for a hike this morning before opening our family gallery/shop today. I had thought about using a photo, similar to my blog header, that I took earlier this summer, but decided to take a new photo instead. It was a good decision alowing me to indulge in some sweet solitude. 🙂

I headed straight for this lone tree on the crest of a hill and was pleased when a gathering of clouds wafted toward my subject. I had to wait a while for them to position themselves so they were in the shot, and would have liked to wait longer for them to continue to the right a bit, but I had to get to work.

I ended my hike, and my photo shoot, grateful for the opportunity to get out on a beautiful day to renew, recharge, and refresh!

Tree KV