Season’s Greetings!

With this post I would like to send out Easter greetings to anyone who celebrates this joyous holiday as we do in our home. I would also like to wish those who celebrate Passover, blessed holy days.

If you celebrate none of these and you live in the northern hemisphere, “Happy spring,” and if you live in the southern hemisphere, “Happy fall!”

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I took these photographs through the windshield of a car moving swiftly over the Abril Bridge in Lisbon, Portugal. I was disappointed. I was  just a tag along on the ride, not the driver, and so unable to seek a place to pull over to get good shots.

I kept the photos because they held a memory for me. I never dreamed I would share them publicly because of their poor quality. Then along came the prompt for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, “Blur.”  Today I share with you my glimpse of Cristo Rei, Christ the King, blurry as it is, just in time for Easter!

Through A Blue Glass Bottle

This is my response to the Photography 101 prompt, “glass.”

I started with four bottles on my kitchen windowsill. I noticed that I could see the trees in my yard through the bottle on the right.

I took these photographs from inside my home looking outside into the light with the camera lens pointed through the blue glass bottle.

Abstracts In Pink

This is my response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Abstract Photography. Thank you Cee for the challenge! It certainly was fun to create images by focusing only on shapes and color.

And what color called to me as I scrolled through my archives? Yes, pink! Pink has not been my favorite color since I was about nine years old, but I was attracted to it tonight! I think I’m ready for some spring color! Even though the winter was beautiful, it was long, and cold, and white, and gray.

Yes, I’m due for some bright spring blooms!