Focus On The Bubble… Please

It looks like this little dog has his owner trained to focus on the bubble quite well! 😉

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Lisbon, Portugal. 2014.

In response to Jennifer Nichole Wells’s One Word Photo Challenge: Bubbles, and Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pets. Thank you Jennifer and Cee for the challenges!



Suspended in 
                sea and sky,
                         v    a    s    t     and     d 




            buoy and moon 

chart my way 
                         space and time.

A   slip   of   land   anchors   heaven and earth.

                                 I                float.

Copyright  ©2015 Terry Boswell 
Buoy and moon in the Algarve, Portugal.
Buoy and moon in the Algarve, Portugal, 2014.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Afloat.”


Thank you Jennifer, for the One Word Photo Challenge: Copper. It’s inspired me to process the photos that I took last summer at the ruins of the São Domingos Mine in the Alentejo, Portugal. Although much of the rock is “copper” colored, the reddish-brown hue, if I understand correctly, is due predominantly to iron content. Copper was extracted from the mine, along with a number of other minerals, from Roman times until 1966. 

This polluted, ecologically damaged site enigmatically exhibits both beauty and desolation. I intend to make a more detailed post about it, which will include more photos, in the near future.

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