Playing With Scale

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This is my response to the Photography 101 prompt, “scale.”

It’s also my first time submitting an entry to Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge. The criteria for the challenge is the definition of the word oddball…

Oddball: Noun – person or thing that is atypical, bizarre, eccentric, or nonconforming. Adjective – whimsically free-spirited; eccentric; atypical.

I think this little character, odd as he is, fits the bill 🙂 

I can’t remember exactly when or where, but I found him a number of years ago in the dirt… or was it in fallen leaves… maybe I was gardening… I can only definitively remember catching a glimpse of metal that seemed to be something. I picked it up, cleaned it off, and discovered this guy under the grime.  He wasn’t rusted which makes me think perhaps he’s made of silver.

He’s donning a broad-rimmed fringed hat, which I absolutely love, and carrying a fish in one hand and a basket in the other. I wonder if he’s a representation of some folkloric figure. If anyone knows, please post a comment. 🙂

I had a lot of fun choosing the environment and point of view to make this odd little fellow seem taller than his full two inch (five centimeter) height! Click here to see where he usually lives.