Nature’s April Fool’s Prank

I thought perhaps I was done with snow shots for the season, but this morning, April Fool’s Day, in spite of spring having arrived on the calendar almost two weeks ago, there was snow on the ground. It seems mother nature has a sense of humor.

I took a walk over to the railroad tracks and became fascinated by the snow that had selectively accumulated about 1/4 inch or more on certain surfaces. The tracks looked like a series of white stripes strung together by two dark ribbons.

In response to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: Week #13. Thank you Cee, for the challenge!

Snowy Spring Landscape

Lacey shadows traced on fresh snow
Dark lines signifying sunshine
Spring soon to prevail

Copyright ©2015 Terry Boswell

This is my response to the Photography 101 prompt, “landscape.”

It snowed on the first day of spring last week. I took this photograph the day after at a local reservoir and park.