One Word Photo Challenge: Eminence

It was difficult to come up with a response to the One Word Photo Challenge: Eminence.  I couldn’t think of any subject matter to express eminence, and at first glance saw nothing purple in my home. Then I thought of the two chunks of amethyst that currently live on top of our old piano. I set them up in the kitchen on a black background with a rose plucked from its Patron vase. In the background I placed several blue glasses and lit it all up from the left with a light clipped to the back of a chair.

I’m not sure if I achieved eminence, but I like the blue highlights in the background and will try that again!

amethyst and white rose

amethyst and white rose

Thank you Jennifer for the One Word Photo Challenge: Eminence.

One Word Photo Challenge: Sapphire

Thank you Jennifer for the One Word Photo Challenge: Sapphire.

I could have used my previous post for this theme, but decided to photograph some of the sapphire blue bottles that I’ve collected over the years.

I like the way the way the warm color of the wood is reflected by the cool blue of the glass.