Rain Diamonds

Delicate diamond drops 

         strung shadowed on rain laced branches

      trace shimmering lines of delight

    moving my mind's eye

 copyright ©2015 Terry Boswell

Rain drops on branches.

Thank you Jennifer for the One Word Photo Challenge: Rain.




Winter Stream

winter stream

dark thin ribbon runs

fluidly through fluff frozen

white water blanket

Copyright ©2015 Terry Boswell

This little stream is across the road from my home. It usually dries up at some point in the summer, but flows and never completely freezes in the winter. I took this photo a few weeks ago on a foggy day. Today it still looks much the same. Spring has not yet arrived in the Hudson Valley, NY.

In response to the Photography 101 prompt “water” and to day one of the Five Days Challenge presented to me by Amy from Snapshots, Snippets and Scribbles. I’ll include the details in my next post.

Writing 201: Water

“Today, let’s write a poem about water. And/or a haiku. And/or use a simile.”


Water drops skew sight,

like clouds raining tears, smudging

silver eyeliner.



Softly, silk droplets

fall like sands through an hourglass,

like minutes filling

a river of liquid time,

rushing into the future.


This post is my first attempt participating in one of WordPress’s Writing Workshops, and part of my scary effort to become a better writer!

Perhaps I should have started with Writing 101, but here I am beginning with Writing 201: Poetry… Wish me luck!