Photography 101: The Natural World

The theme for the eighth day of Photography 101 is The Natural World.

“Capture a moment, big or small, and pay attention to the lines and curves produced by nature.”

I took these photographs on the same gray day as the photographs in my previous post. I was fascinated with the way line was defined by the bare branches, and how line, combined with line to create texture. I was also amazed at how the sky changed as the day progressed. I took these photos in and around my backyard from mid morning until mid afternoon.

Birch tree

Fir tree

Branches and cloudsbare branches

Red branches on blue

2 thoughts on “Photography 101: The Natural World

  1. The architecture of a tree silouetted against the sky is always a fascination for me. Each is a work of art.
    What I find particularly interesting about your photos is how much the sky changed over the course of the day!

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