New Beginnings


like inhalation and exhalation
is the inflow and outflow of sea to land
blessed with light as a new day rises

another breath, and another, and another
a continuum, yet a new moment each
each a gift, each a fresh possibility

copyright ©2016 Terry Boswell

DSC02355-2-3x2-sunrise-cape-may-nj-terry-boswell-wm DSC02396-2-4x3-sunrise-photographer-cape-may-nj-terry-boswell-wmDSC02443-2-3x2-cape-may-sunrise-fisherman-nj-terry-boswell-wmSunrise Cape May, NJ. September 2015.

This post is in response to three photo challenges…
Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things That Are WetThe Daily Post Weekly Photo challenge: State of Mind and The Daily Post Weekly Photo challenge: Harmony.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bikes and Motorcycles

In response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bikes and Motorcycles, I’m posting three views of one lovely mosaic bike in Cape May, New Jersey. The bike is covered with seashells, sea glass and small pebbles.

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Thank you Cee for the challenge!

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Blog Title, Tagline

As part of Bloggong101, we participants were asked to reevaluate our blog title and tagline. My title, “Through the Lens of my Life” and the tagline, “Thoughts and images from my perspective” might be too unfocused, but I’ll stick with it for now. They’re descriptive of my intent in a broad way. I like the freedom that this offers, allowing me to explore, through word and image, a variety of topics.

Yes, obviously the photos I take are taken through the lens of my old Canon G9, but they’re also taken with my particular “take” on whatever it is I see. Certain things pop out at me. This is why I chose the title and tagline which I did. Someone else would notice something different. They would frame a shot in a different way or choose a completely different subject. Everything that we mentally absorb, every event, scene, or scenario, comes to us through a lens. A lens formed by our own unique life experiences. Each time we express ourselves with either words or images or with any other creative process, it’s from our own personal perspective.

So, in keeping with my blog title and tag line I’m posting several photos that I took while my husband and I were in Cape May, New Jersey this summer. They’re  a few of the moments, scenes, shapes and colors that I collected as we strolled the town and beach.

Cape May is a beautiful Victorian seaside town. The softness of the sea grass contrasting with the geometric patterns of porches and balustrades are what caught my eye here.

Cape May. NJ

Even though the light wasn’t the best, I couldn’t pass up this touristy shot late in the day as we walked the beach.

Cape May life boat

The vastness of the sea and sky always leaves me in awe. The sunbathers and kite flyers seemed so small in comparison, just small swathes of color. I love the bits of red here and there.

Kite & sea. Cape May, NJ

I love seagulls. This one was such a poser. The sparkling water was a plus, although I’ll have to learn how to handle it when shooting and editing.


This woman and her dog came rambling down the beach as I strolled in the opposite direction. As she passed, I pulled out my camera and managed to get this photo just as the dog gazed up at her. Perfect! Both she and her dog stood out as unique individuals. I love the contrast between her outfit (hat, long sleeves, full long skirt, bulky socks and work boots) and the sunbathers further down the beach.

Cape May dog walk

My husband and I were sitting on the beach, watching a hazy sunset when this group of children paraded by. Perhaps I could have caught more arm swing if I had a camera that could take lots of multiple shots very quickly in succession, but I’m happy to have caught what I did.


In this last photo the sunset, though beautiful, wasn’t enormously fantastic. I enjoyed it all the same. The surfers were fun to watch… even though the waves weren’t enormously fantastic either!

surfer at sunset. Cape May, NJ

Perhaps my future posts will be just words or perhaps just images. This one includes some of both, just to get myself going and to ride the blogging wave a bit.